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  La La's 14 MPG Rover Is Pretty in Pink
What did MTV VJ La La Vasquez do to cope with the rising price of gas?

She got a paint job on her 14 mpg Range Rover.

The Rover, an Xmas '05 gift from her future hubby, NBA star Carmelo Anthony, was lookin a little dull for her la la life, so she took it in for a color upgrade.

Now La La's anti-green gas-guzzling machine is looking pretty in pink.
  Don't Be Fooled: Paris Hilton vs. the Honda Civic
Paris Hilton was caught on video earlier this month backing her Range Rover into a Honda Civic in a parking garage in Los Angeles.

The story made headlines across the globe, from USA Today to the China Daily. But what these other publications failed to expose were the intentions of this gas-guzzling princess.

Do you think it was an accident that Hilton -- in her bullyish 13 mpg city, 18 mpg highway SUV -- crashed into the 28-39 Civic?

Well, the editors at Fuel Pumparazzi are not going to turn a blind eye, let it fall on deaf ears, or speak from a muted mouth.

Paris Hilton is a an attention whore, a headline hooker, and newspapers, TV shows and online rags have been paying her with nonstop coverage. But with the rising price of gas at the top of everyone's minds, the media and paparazzi have been pushing Hilton aside to get some up close pics and behind-the-scenes footage of the fuel-efficient Civic.

So when Hilton saw in her rearview mirror the opportunity to take out her latest rival, she put her heel to the pedal.

Now that Fuel Pumparazzi showed the real face of Paris Hilton, it's up to you, the thousands of readers out there to vote on who you think is hotter.

  Will Baby Shiloh Drive an Electric Car When She Grows Up?
What was the average price of gas when you were born? The managing editor of this blog entered into the world in 1974 at about $1.25 a gallon, while babies exiting the womb in 2006 are seeing averages as high as $3.20 in states like California.

But none have it worse than Baby Shiloh -- the daughter of movie stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie -- who was born in Namibia, where the average annual income is $5,000 and gas costs about $5 a gallon.

While most babies dream of sugar plum fairies or other junk that babies think about, Namibian children, like Shiloh, are already having visions of electric cars and other alternatives to high-priced gas guzzlers.

Shiloh sees a future where she's driving through the streets of Namibia (which is quickly becoming the "it" place to conceive or have a child), whizzing past paparazzi in her passion pink electromobile, and stopping for a latte and a recharge before a yoga session in the desert
  Darryl Hannah Caught Drinking and Driving
Described as an Android, Mermaid, Cave girl, Pretty Woman's friend and Giant in her IMDB bio, Darryl Hannah can now add to that list Fuel Drinker.

Hannah is pictured here slugging back some biodiesel after filling the tank of her El Camino.

While the editors at Fuel Pumparazzi support Hannah's use of alternative fuels, we cannot back her choice to drive an El Camino. We are also having trouble supporting her choice of clothing. Did she steal that shirt from President Tuxedo?

But, all vanities aside, we'd like to raise a glass of this urine-like substance to toast Hannah for her efforts, and encourage others to drink and drive with biodiesel.
  90210 Gas Prices Equal Overtime for Brandon
Brandon is serving up a few more malteds and pouring on some extra smiles as the rising price of gas in Beverly Hills has forced him to put in some OT at the Peach Pit.

As of Friday, June 16, the 76 station at Santa Monica Boulevard and Crescent was charging the highest price in the 90210 zip code at $3.53 for regular unleaded.

Coming in at the low end was the Exxon station at Robertson and Olympic -- $3.19 regular unleaded.

If Nat wants to keep good employees like Brandon on board, he may have to start offering incentives like: gas cards, a motorized scooter lending program or alternative fuel vehicles that run on Peach Pit grease.
  JT Cries a River Over Price of Gas
Former NSYNCer Justin Timberlake is joining the fight against big oil.

Timberlake flipped off a Hollywood gas station attendant after learning that the $3.43 price per gallon he was paying at the pump was more than 50 cents above the national average ($2.867).

JT may have had a more pleasant reaction if he would have visited the Valero station on Normandie and Sunset, which as of Friday, June 2, 11:04 a.m., was posting the lowest price in Tinseltown at $3.20 per gallon.

If any of my readers out there have Justin's e-mail address, please send him a link to losangelesgasprices.com. He can find a better price there, and preserve "the bird" for another day ... maybe during an argument with Cameron at the grocery store over the rising cost of bananas.
For people who love celebrities, but hate the high price of gas.

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